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Why Choose SIMI?

Quality Professional Management
Experience the difference

We will have a dedicated focus on the success of your project. Successful self storage is an active operating business with no place for passive management. Doesn’t your multi-million dollar investment warrant full time attention?

What are your qualifications?

Our broad and in-depth experience managing hundreds of self storage businesses has allowed us to develop innovative and proven strategies to overcome the obstacles, maximizing income and value. Additionally we know the markets we work in.

Is 3rd party management right for you?

We pride ourselves on the results we achieve for the owner. Educated owners agree it’s an investment for their benefit. We recognize some owners wish to be hands off while others prefer some deeper level of involvement. We are happy to work with the owners in the way they prefer and do not force a one size fits all program on you.

What is included with Simi Management?

Our team will assume full day to day responsibility to manage and market your storage investment. We handle all marketing, personnel, leasing, lien enforcement, and subcontractors. Employees work for SIMI relieving you of employment related paperwork, reporting, staffing, etc. We maintain the books providing weekly management reports and monthly financials as well as paying all the bills and distributing profits to owners.

Case Studies

Do you have references?

We certainly do! We will provide a list of current and former clients whom we successfully served. Please call anyone or as many as you wish.

Consulting Services

Market Supply vs Demand Studies

Analyzes the existing self storage supply and estimates the demand for the storage in a specific market & provide detailed reports.

Analysis of Under-Performing Properties

A team will visit your business to review and evaluate all aspects of the operation including financial, marketing, personnel, collections, etc. A detailed report will be provided.

Facility Evaluation Including Income, Marketing, Expenses, Personnel And Review of Site Design And Unit Mix.

We will assist you in site plan design, determining unit mix, evaluating location, building plans & layout. Recommended rates & financial performance can be included.

Consulting For Acquisition, Sale, Refinancing And Major Renovations


Weekly Management Summary

Monthly Full Financial Report (Balance Sheet, Profit Year Comparison, & Check Register included.)

Clients are Given Login to Our Cloud-Based Management Software Providing 24/7 Access to Reports.

Custom Reporting Available